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Daily Photo – August 17, 2012

I told you these posts were going to get boring. A great day to end any day, some Renegade Ops on PS3 and the latest episode of Louie! Actually, this is the second latest episode because the latest episode had a different title screen than usual.

Anyway… Not a lot happened today. Worked overnight last night so most of the day has been spent catching up on sleep and uploading videos. Here’s one of those videos:


Thanks for having a look, see you tomorrow!

Louis CK: Live at the Beacon Theater

Have you seen Louis CK’s new special yet?

You should. It’s over at louisck.net

It’s only $5, sold directly from Louis, and it’s funny as hell. If you’re not familiar, check out this clip:


The comedy aside, this is a huge success for “direct publishers” everywhere. Sure Louis already has a huge fanbase, but it goes to show you don’t need to deal with a studio or a publishing house or whatever to get your stuff out there and make a decent living.

I’m much more likely to give $5 for digital content than I am to shell out $15 for a DVD of the same content regardless of who produced it, so it’s just icing on the top that my $5 bucks is going directly to the artist in this case.

Thanks for reading, now go watch some Louis CK!