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Drum Corps Is…

I started posting my favorite pictures from last summer on the Marching Lessons tumblr with the phrase “#drumcorps is ____” and I realized I should design something to put right on the image. I’ll probably get around to making that tomorrow, but for now what are other words that describe drum corps that I should use? Here’s what I’ve used so far…




Don’t suggest anything like “dumb,” it’s meant to be a positive thing.

No Badge

At the Murfreesboro show this summer I forgot to wear my staff pass.


It probably didn’t help that I was holding a camera out in front of me as I derped along.

Luckily, I was able to borrow Brian’s pass to get in, and handed it back to him through the fence down the way. Thanks Brian!

Lesson: Don’t forget your staff pass even if no one has ever checked it before, because that one time you forget is when they’ll be checking.