The fountain of youth is something people have been looking for since they realized that aging was a thing. I’m pretty sure. It’s at least been a thing since the 5th century BC when some Herodotus fellow wrote about it.

With science, medicine and technology tendency to progress and so on, it’s reasonable to assume there is at least one group of scientists working hard on ‘the ageing problem.’

First, they have to figure out what causes ageing to begin with. It seems like there are several processes that contribute, so the “cure” would have to be at least as equally complex.

(I think it’s funny that the wikipedia article on ageing’s photos are all old people.)

Is it easier to prevent every cell in the human body from doing what it does that causes ageing, or to transfer that person’s consciousness into a brand new body? Which is more pleasant?

They are both extremely difficult since they aren’t currently possible, but I think the second option is much more pleasant. What people go through when they have degenerative diseases, faulty organs, and severe injury and such isn’t a lot of fun. In many cases even if they can recover after an intense regimen of injections, pills, surgeries, etc. the body won’t be the way it was before the ailment.

So instead of fussing about with all that, just suck out the consciousness and slap it in a new body. Where does this new body come from? Any body suitable for renewed life would already have a consciounsness in it that is perfectly happy with where it is. A recently deceased body wouldn’t work either, seeing as that’s the whole problem that we’re trying to avoid in the first place. A cloned body could work, but the transfer would have to happen before the clone has it’s own or else you still have that whole issue with “deleting” the original consciousness. But then you have a whole new world of weirdness with there being a grown adult in a baby body.

The best option is a brand new robot body. Or just live on in a virtual world with no real need for a physical presence. Blackouts would suck though, and I’m sure there will be hackers that try to do who knows what with the virtual people.

This all assumes that it’s even possible to extract someone’s consciousness from their body. If it is, we will essentially be capable of artificial reincarnation and that would mean regular reincarnation is just as possible. At that point we’ll realize that prolonging life artificially to the point of immortality is redundant, because the consciousness lives on either way. There are some perks in knowing exactly where your consciousness is going though… like being able to keep your DVD collection.

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