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Golden Globes 2011

It’s unfair of me to talk about any of the winners (or losers) in stuff I haven’t seen, so I won’t. Basically I didn’t see any of the movies that won. That leaves most of the TV categories.

Bryan Cranston should have won over Kelsey Grammar. Boss is just another clone of the Breaking Bad formula (main character discovers he has a terminal disease, hilarity ensues) and isn’t nearly as good. Yes, I only watched the pilot, but I think that was enough. Maybe I need to see the specific episode(s) that were submitted for consideration, but I doubt that would change my mind. Also, Bryan didn’t have a chance to win an Emmy a few months ago, so double lame.

Modern Family, I expected it and am content with it. Excellent show. Episodes was my second favorite of the nominees, and it doesn’t come close to Modern Family.

Matt LeBlanc, can’t argue there. I like all the other shows (except 30 Rock) but the other nominees don’t pull off comedy as well as Matt did in Episodes. Johnny Galecki is probably the closest, but everyone knows that Jim Parsons is what makes Big Bang Theory what it is. Why wasn’t he nominated? Possibly to try to show that he isn’t the star. Even though he is.

Kate Winslet. Can’t argue with that, Mildred Pierce was pretty solid, and if I remember correctly she was basically in every single scene. However, I got pretty annoyed with every single “commercial” break on HBO having a promo for it, where she says “Mini series? There’s nothing mini about it!” except that it’s a mini series by definition that has nothing to do with production values… Sigh. Also, I didn’t see any of the other nominees, so I have no ammo to argue.

Idris Eba for Luther, can’t argue there either. Also because I haven’t seen the other nominees. But, I really enjoyed Luther and really need to get around to watching series 2 soon.

Jessica Lange for American Horror Story… I dunno, I like Sofia Vergara more, but I also like her character more. Jessica did a great job with the character she played, so I guess I’m fairly okay with that.

And that’s it, as far as the winners that I have actually seen. For the awards show itself, I pretty much skipped all of the presentations and just watched the Ricky Gervais bits.