You can view my video production and editing reel here.

Watch my original videos at:

See some of my photography on flickr and deviantart.

I have been a part of many short films, video projects, and live performances in a variety of roles. These roles include: Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Videographer, Camera Operator, Visual Effects, Sound Editor, and Actor. While on support staff with the Blue Devils I also shoot some video for them each summer. You can see more that I contributed to at the Blue Devils Mediabox. Starting in 2011 I began to shoot still photos as well, which can also be found on the Mediabox.

DVDs my work can be found on: Inside the Blue Devils 2008, Right of Passage – In the Lot 2008, Inside the Blue Devils 2010, Inside the Blue Devils 2011

I am currently focused on producing my own videos, but am willing to consider other productions. Please contact me if you’d like to work with me on a project!

Untitled 2015 BD Front Ensemble Documentary? (Upcoming)
Short Documentary?

The Animazing Race (Upcoming)
Animated Web Series

Erikatures (2015-Ongoing)
Comedy Drawing Tutorials
Producer, Host, Editor, Illustrations

Nice Documentary – A Film About the 2014 Blue Devils Front Ensemble
Short Documentary
Producer, Editor

Today I Watched (2012-Ongoing)
Movie Review Web Series and Podcast
Producer, Host, Editor, Illustrations

Blue Devils Bring It In By The Pit (2013)
Short Documentary
Videographer, Editor

Marching Lessons (2011-?)
Web Series (at
Writer, Editor, Narration, Illustrations

Blue Devils Front Ensemble Documentary Movie (2012)
Short Documentary
Videographer, Editor

High Country Brass (2012)
Recruiting Video
Videography, Editor

The Blue Devils in Guatemala (September 2012)
Short Documentary
Videography, Editor

Just the Pit (2011)
Short Documentary
Videography, Editor

Spevak Percussion Concepts (October 2011)
The Acoustic Impression Promo
Videography, Editor

Pit-umentary (2010)
Short Documentary
Videography, Editor

KMGH-TV Denver, CO (September-December 2008)
Resume Tape
Editing and Photography Department Intern

Nerd Trilogy directed by Michael Freeman
Nerd Trilogy On Demand, Nerd Trilogy DVD
Digital Effects, Animation, Voice Over

Dave Liebman Live DVD, Denver Recording (October 2005)
Dave Liebman Big Band Live – As Always (CD, DVD unreleased)
Camera Operator

Jocasta, directed by Laura Cuetara (October 2005)
Camera Operator

Valparaiso, CU Denver College of Arts and Media (March-April 2005)
Video Technician, Run Crew

University of Colorado at Denver College of Arts and Media and Colorado Film School (2004-2008)
Dinner at Mom’s – Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Voice Over
Bakke to the Future – Cinematographer
Bakke to the Future Part Two – Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Fantastic Buildings – Digital Effects Consultant
Analog Space Ship (2006) – Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Digital Effects
Soft Rains – Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Digital Effects
Choked by Chicken – Producer, Director, Editor
Trynottodieman – Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Actor.
Comma-Dee Podcast (15 Episodes) – Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Actor

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