The 4th Annual JKIRE Awards

Welcome to the 4th Annual JKIRE Awards! It’s just like the Golden Globes except without a tv broadcast, interaction with the people receiving the awards, or any tangible manifestation of the reward. Check out 2013, 2012 and 2011‘s awards!

Best TV Series and Best New TV Series – True Detective
Incredibly well made in every way, it must be seen by anyone interested in the crime/mystery genre.

Best Film – Birdman
The best made film of the year overall, however my favorite film of the year is The Gambler.

Best Podcast – Mysterious Universe
Still my favorite, I’ve been an MU+ subscriber all year.

Best Sci-Fi Film – Interstellar

Best Comedy Film – 22 Jump Street

Best Horror Film – The Babadook

Best Animated Film – Big Hero 6

Best Comedy TV Series – Veep
Runner-Up – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Best New Comedy TV Series – Silicon Valley
HBO is killing it

Best Reality Competition Series – The Amazing Race
The pring season was fantastic with a perfect ending. The fall season was quite a bit more satisfying overall than the fall season of Survivor.

Best Actor: Michael Keaton
Incredible job in Birdman, and one of the best things about RoboCop

Best Actress: Scarlett Johansson
I enjoyed every film I saw her in this year.

Best Animated TV Show – Bob’s Burgers


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