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Daily Photo – August 17, 2012

I told you these posts were going to get boring. A great day to end any day, some Renegade Ops on PS3 and the latest episode of Louie! Actually, this is the second latest episode because the latest episode had a different title screen than usual.

Anyway… Not a lot happened today. Worked overnight last night so most of the day has been spent catching up on sleep and uploading videos. Here’s one of those videos:


Thanks for having a look, see you tomorrow!

Drinking Water

In a recent episode of improv4humans, “Airport Pat Downs” (listen to it here) Matt Besser, Eugene Cordero, Brett Gelman and Will McLaughlin talked about drinking water. Here’s an excerpt from the scene that followed (warning, contains profanity):

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/36451503″ iframe=”true” /]

I loved this section of the show because I was the exact same way as a kid, I would drink soda or juice at every chance when I really should have been drinking water. Luckily drum corps intervened and taught me the importance of hydration over deliciousness. Eventually, some nice cool water became the most delicious thing of all.

Some people replace soda and juice with beer and hard liquor. Back in my restaurant days I’ve seen them act the same way when a bartender recognizes they’ve had too much and tries to help out.

“Gimme ‘nother.”

“Here, have this glass of water. I’ll call you a cab.”

“F$%# YOU! GIMMENOTHER! ANd Icandrive. Imokaytadriv. Snort.”

In the winter months I let hydration get away from me a little bit. As I type this I’m sipping away at a Cherry 7-Up. I have two cases left, so after that, I’m done! Gotta get back on the water slide*.

(instead of the wagon, let’s call getting off of sugary drinks or alcohol in favor of water getting on the water slide. It sounds sooo much more fun, unless the wagon is the kind you had as a kid that you could ride down hills while having philosophical conversations with your stuffed tiger)