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Daily Photo – July 11, 2012

I’m not sure what was going on this picture but I captured a photo of it so this shall be my photo for the day!

Rehearsal day, not too stressful, weather was pretty nice most of the time. There was a couple hours in the late afternoon when the sun felt magnified… strange. The evening was perfect drum corps weather though.

Oh, here are a couple videos I made throughout the day…



And the opening sequence for a potential new tv show?


Thanks for having a look, see ya tomorrow!

Daily Photo – July 7, 2012

Show day!

More like storm day. I drove to the show in my car. I might have done better with a boat. (warning – some swear words are in this video)


The show ended up being an exhibition, with most corps choosing to just do standstill performances. Today’s photo is from the drumline’s entrance during the end of the hornline playing Space Music.

What seemed like a few hours later Kirbie and I finally got to head home to start our free day!

That’s all for now, thanks for having a look and I’ll see ya tomorrow!

If you’re interested in snagging a BD Little Devil Toy and you’re going to be at a show, shoot me an email at toys@jkire.com to reserve one and we’ll have it in the souvie booth waiting for you! They are $40 each, or $70 for a set of jacketed/jacketless devils. Here’s a peak at what they look like. They are approximately 4″ tall and have been hand painted by me!

Daily Photo – June 17, 2012

Hello all!

Since February 15th of this year, I made another run at the daily video thing and made it a good solid 4 months. Yesterday was a hell of a day that wiped me out in many ways, and with tour coming up I feel like spending too much time on these videos will take away from time doing slightly more productive things such as sleeping, taking photos, writing and so on. Don’t worry, I will still be shooting and editing videos, but it’s more likely you will see them on bdmediabox.org or just a couple of times a week on YouTube and here. When I make the goal of doing a worthwhile video each day, I end up spending way more time trying to come up with what to talk about.

Instead of a daily video, my daily goal for here on jkire.com for the next couple months is to post a “photo of the day” which I think will be just as good. So, thank you everyone for subscribing to “erikjskinner” and “derajkire” on you tube, I will continue to post stuff every now and then!

And here’s today’s photo…

I’m finishing up a batch of 15 little devil toys for the Blue Devils souvie booth to sell this summer. Look for them at the California shows the next two weeks, they’re gonna sell out fast I think! (I don’t know how much they will be sold for yet, I will post about it when I do know!)

See ya tomorrow!