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Network Sitcom Power Rankings – Week of December 10, 2012

The new episodes begin to dwindle and give some shows a chance to improve their average ranking. More Christmas stuff. Not quite tired of it yet… but there are still a few Christmas episodes left for next week. Alright, here we go!

#1 Apartment 23 – Season 2 Episode 6 – Damn it this show is great. Even if this episode only consisted of James’ dance routine I would have ranked this first this week. I kind of want to watch Dancing with the Stars now, too. My favorite part was the look of horror on Chloe’s face when the little boy started walking towards her.

#2 Modern Family – Season 4 Episode 10 – A very good episode, I liked pretty much everything about it. We didn’t see Haley or Alex but I didn’t really miss them. I also prefer Gloria’s terrible singing over Ava’s singing on Up All Night.

#3 The Big Bang Theory – Season 6 Episode 11 – The highlights for me were Sheldon singing and Raj going out with the girls. I was also happy that Stuart is finally back.

#4 Last Man Standing – Season 2 Episode 7 – Ed’s Eagle storyline was silly, which I enjoyed. Mike’s “kidnapping the dog” plan ended up being a pretty cool way to bring the episode to a close. Overall, very good.

#5 The Neighbors – Season 1 Episode 10 – Finally a non-holiday episode! Instead we got a funeral. Still, it was nice a change of pace and it was pretty entertaining.

#6 The Mindy Project – Season 1 Episode 9 – Danny’s gingerbread house with cotton candy insulation is my favorite holiday thing this season. He and Mindy need to just get together already, come on now. Pretty good episode.

#7 New Girl – Season 2 Episode 11 – Christmas parties. Uh… Oh yeah, my favorite joke was after Sam talked to the room they were hiding in he says he’s done the same speech in three rooms already. It’s a lot funnier than it sounds. Yeah alright, anyway…

#8 The Middle – Season 4 Episode 10 – Axl and Brick’s story was pretty good this week, and I enjoyed the whole anniversary story as well.  I’m watching the episode of Love Bites where James Roday has a foot fetish as I write this so I’m getting really distracted by the weirdness of that. By the way, I really like this show, they’re a bunch of separate stories that get intertwined in interesting ways. Sounds kind of familiar

#9 Up All Night – Season 2 Episode 10 and 11 – I liked the trip to big bear more than the wedding flashback. They were both pretty good. I just found out that after this the show will switch to multi-cam with a live audience. That is going to be very, very weird.

#10 How I Met Your Mother – Season 8 Episode 10 – This episode was silly which was great. The show is getting more and more like the good old How I Met Your Mother I enjoy so much. I’m actually writing this after I’ve already seen the next two episodes, so I won’t say any more.

#11 Happy Endings – Season 3 Episode 6 – This wasn’t as memorable as the last couple episodes. I mostly just remember Jane going “full Gallagher.” And Tommy Jefferson. And Kulap. Anyway, don’t worry about the low ranking because it’s still safe this week!

#12 Whitney – Season 2 Episode 4 – I enjoyed this episode but I have to eliminate it. Not as good as everything else this week and in past weeks. Just like last week it felt like way too much A story. I’ll keep watching it though.

So that’s it for this week! With Whitney eliminated I’m down to just 16 shows remaining from this fall. They’re going to keep on dropping though, because there are a handful of shows that start in January and February.

And here are the running totals:

(Show Name – Total –  Avg)
Apartment 23 – 8 – 1.33
Parks and Recreation – 13 – 1.44
Go On – 27 – 2.45
Animal Practice – 16 – 2.67 – Canceled
Suburgatory – 21 – 3.00
Neighbors – 50 – 5.00
Modern Family – 52 – 5.20
Office – 53 – 5.89
Ben and Kate – 61 – 6.10
New Girl – 84 – 7.64
Big Bang Theory – 88 – 8.00
Mindy Project – 75 – 8.33
Up All Night – 86 – 8.64
Middle – 92 – 9.20
Last Man Standing – 67 – 9.57
Happy Endings – 68 – 11.33
Raising Hope – 94 – 11.75 – Eliminated
How I Met Your Mother – 119 – 11.90
Guys With Kids – 121 – 12.10 – Eliminated
Whitney – 52 – 13.00 – Eliminated
Partners – 88 – 14.67 – Canceled
2 Broke Girls – 106 – 15.14 – Eliminated
Malibu Country – 46 – 15.33 – Eliminated
Two and a Half Men – 64 – 16.00 – Eliminated
30 Rock – 35 – 17.50 – Eliminated
Mike and Molly – 37 – 18.50 – Eliminated
New Normal – Eliminated

Network Sitcom Power Rankings – Week of October 15, 2012

Once again the debates lighten the load of this week’s sitcoms, no new New Girl, Mindy Project or Go On. Suburgatory returns! Another show gets eliminated.  Keep reading to find out more!

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Network Sitcom Power Rankings – Week of October 1, 2012

Welcome to another jam-packed week of sitcom ratings! Even without a new episode of Modern Family due to the debate on Wednesday there were still 19 new episodes this week! 19 shows is way too many so I’m making a new rule that I will eliminate the lowest ranked show each week if I’m not enjoying them. Find out below which show was eliminated this week!

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Network Sitcom Power Rankings – Week of September 10, 2012

Welcome to a brand new season of television!

Here’s how this will work… This season I’m going to quickly review nearly every single sitcom on network television (spoiler-free for the most part) and rank them according to how much I enjoyed them. The show’s placement is their score for that week (so number one will get 1 point, number two gets 2 points, etc.) which means that as the scores accumulate the lowest score is the best show. Honestly, I predict I’ll give Parks and Rec first place consistently but I will try to be as fair as possible.

I will not be ranking the Fox animated shows even though I like all of them. On the other hand if I can’t bear watching a show I will take it off the list and they will be disqualified!

So let’s get started!

Everything is kind of off to a staggered start and NBC is the only network to air new episodes of their sitcoms so far. Animal Practice aired about a month ago as did the first episode of Go On so I will go ahead and lump them in with this week to round out the scores a little bit.

#1 Go On – Season 1 Episode 1 – “People love rankings!” Well there you go! I was iffy about this show going into it, but Brett Gelman and Seth Morris? March Sadness? Google street view silliness? I think I like this show a tad more than Animal Practice just because I watched it more recently.

Edit: #1 Go On – Season 1 Episode 2 – I completely forgot that I had a second episode of Go On to watch. I actually liked this episode even more than the first. Favorite line: “I say Ryan, you say best friend! Ryan! … Are you saying it?” The cat storyline was great. The basketball story was great. Brett Gelman’s bits were awesome. This show is definitely headed in the right direction for me. Just so a show doesn’t lose points to itself I’ve decided that if a show has two episodes in a week that are next to each other in the rankings that it will be a tie. So Go On gets two #1’s this week and everything else stays the same.

#2 Animal Practice – Season 1 Episode 1 – I love animals! I like all of the characters! Justin Kirk is the man! I’m very much looking forward to the next episode!

#3 Guys With Kids – Season 1 Episode 1 – The first few minutes were rough but by the end of the episode I started to enjoy it. Nothing really jumps out as special aside from the constant presence of babies though. I’ll keep watching to see if it grows on me more, but I doubt it will rank anywhere near this high once more shows start up.

#4 New Normal – Season 1 Episode 1 – Modern Family clone. Less effort to hide that couldn’t be made. There’s too much wrong with this show so far… I’ll give it one more episode just so I can complete this week’s rankings.

#5 New Normal – Season 1 Episode 2 – Further viewing has reenforced everything I disliked about the first episode. How did anyone approve this for production? Consider this my first sitcom to be eliminated this season. I came across this review that matches my thoughts pretty well, so I won’t waste any more time writing about this show.

And that’s everything for this week. I’ll post the current standings with total scores starting next time since what you just read is already the current standings.

Thanks for reading!


Survivor: One World – Episode 11

The video review:


Kim deserves credit, she’s playing the game very successfully and will most likely be in the top two. That doesn’t mean I have to like it one bit. I can’t help but wonder how different the season would have gone had Colton not gotten sick. As much of a terror he was, at least there would have been three people actually trying to win instead of just two.

I think Troy could have been a little bit less abrasive the last two weeks and he might have been more convincing to Christina and Kat. Or maybe he should have planted the seeds with Kat sooner. Christina is probably pissed that Troy voted for her (she has to know since every vote was read) but if she’s smart about it the Chelsea vote can be passed off as Troy’s and the girls won’t go after her yet.

As disappointing as this episode was, at least there was this ;-P.

And this was very funny.

I almost forgot about the pig! He’s like their pet dog, just waiting at camp for them to get back from their challenge. Pretty awesome.

Alright, I’ll (reluctantly) see ya next week for more Survivor!