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Alcatraz – Season 1 Episode 4 ‘Cal Sweeney’

Spoilers ahead. A little bit.

“That’s frowned upon by the academic community?

“It is if your statistical model is based on Gotham City.”

I love that Doc Soto is way smarter than Hurley, but just as geeky.

I don’t have a lot of specifics to talk about this episode… but it’s probably my favorite episode so far. Every crime-related tv series has to have a bank heist/hostage situation episode, I think it’s some kind of rule. And it’s an awesome rule, because I generally love every bank heist episode I’ve seen.  Tonight’s Alcatraz is no exception.

Cal Sweeney’s story is the most interesting past story so far, it felt like the past to present ration was significantly higher this week. It showed a lot more of the prison life, and some of the social and economic aspects of it.

The keys are a pretty cool new element to the mystery, and I fully appreciate the humor of that.

Can’t wait for next week’s episode, and I’ll definitely be watching this episode again very soon!

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Alcatraz – Season 1 Episode 3 ‘Kit Nelson’

It just occurred to me that Dr. Soto is a version of Richard Castle, since he’s turning their cases into stories for his comic books.

Spoilers ahead!

I like how Doc was peeking through the missing kid’s stack of comic books, probably to see if he was a fan of his Alzatraz comics.

“If he had tried my cherry pie, he wouldn’t look so damn unhappy.”

Doc’s attempts to stall Kit and Dylan just made me laugh. “What are you guys up to?”

Again, where are they getting all these resources for committing their crimes?

I went “Hey Walnut Creek!” because I lived there for all days in 2005.

The scene in the solitary cell was intense, if only for the fact that’s freaky as hell for someone to come out of the dark like that. But to be stuck in a cell with an evil kid murderer? That’s even worse.

This episode firmly establishes the pattern of great weekly stories. Aside from what you need to know to understand the premise, I think anyone could watch just this episode and have a great time with little confusion.

Dylan’s escape was impressive, that was some John Reese action there.

“Arrested development…” was a great show! Oh. He’s not talking about that. I had a feeling Doc had something bad happen to him as a kid.

Aw, he got him the issues he was missing. I’m wondering if we’ll ever see the back story for our main characters? We probably won’t for a while, but it will be interesting to see stuff like Madsen with her father, and Doc’s kidnapping.

I was half expecting Hauser to ask the surgeon/mortician to question Nelson’s dead body. I’m not really sure what that scene meant. Oh, and it’s solid justice that the child killer is the first returnee to die instead of just being locked back up. Well deserved.

Alright that’s about it, still loving this show and I can’t wait for next monday! Thanks for reading.


The fountain of youth is something people have been looking for since they realized that aging was a thing. I’m pretty sure. It’s at least been a thing since the 5th century BC when some Herodotus fellow wrote about it.

With science, medicine and technology tendency to progress and so on, it’s reasonable to assume there is at least one group of scientists working hard on ‘the ageing problem.’

First, they have to figure out what causes ageing to begin with. It seems like there are several processes that contribute, so the “cure” would have to be at least as equally complex.

(I think it’s funny that the wikipedia article on ageing’s photos are all old people.)

Is it easier to prevent every cell in the human body from doing what it does that causes ageing, or to transfer that person’s consciousness into a brand new body? Which is more pleasant?

They are both extremely difficult since they aren’t currently possible, but I think the second option is much more pleasant. What people go through when they have degenerative diseases, faulty organs, and severe injury and such isn’t a lot of fun. In many cases even if they can recover after an intense regimen of injections, pills, surgeries, etc. the body won’t be the way it was before the ailment.

So instead of fussing about with all that, just suck out the consciousness and slap it in a new body. Where does this new body come from? Any body suitable for renewed life would already have a consciounsness in it that is perfectly happy with where it is. A recently deceased body wouldn’t work either, seeing as that’s the whole problem that we’re trying to avoid in the first place. A cloned body could work, but the transfer would have to happen before the clone has it’s own or else you still have that whole issue with “deleting” the original consciousness. But then you have a whole new world of weirdness with there being a grown adult in a baby body.

The best option is a brand new robot body. Or just live on in a virtual world with no real need for a physical presence. Blackouts would suck though, and I’m sure there will be hackers that try to do who knows what with the virtual people.

This all assumes that it’s even possible to extract someone’s consciousness from their body. If it is, we will essentially be capable of artificial reincarnation and that would mean regular reincarnation is just as possible. At that point we’ll realize that prolonging life artificially to the point of immortality is redundant, because the consciousness lives on either way. There are some perks in knowing exactly where your consciousness is going though… like being able to keep your DVD collection.

All About Steve

This episode of How Did This Get Made? on Earwolf (with Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raphael) made me want to see it just to experience the craziness.

Unfortunately it wasn’t until months later (today) that I was able to get a hold of a copy. Thank you Lone Tree Library!

I already knew most of the plot, and all the best jokes, from the HDTGM episode, so I didn’t feel like I needed to give it my full attention. I think that’s the main reason I kind of enjoyed it. Some of their criticisms had to do with Sandra Bullock’s physicality, which I didn’t see since I only looked up at the screen for about 5 minutes of the whole time. But yeah, I should probably handicap the movie for only listening, and say that it was half as enjoyable as I enjoyed it.

I actually thought the “I found the deaf girl and she’s okay, aside from being deaf” line was really funny. Also there was one, and only one, scene where it was pretty obvious that the director was like “Okay Ken, you can improvise a couple of lines here!” he was funny, but it didn’t really fit with the rest of the movie. The whole movie didn’t really fit with the rest of the movie…

The movie came out a few months after the Hangover came out, and since it stars Bradley Cooper as the titular Steve (I think I just like the word titular) I’m sure they tried to bank on that as much as possible as evident by Ken Jeong’s presence on the DVD cover. However, I thought it was fitting that the DVD itself says “rental exclusive.” Was this movie ever actually for sale on DVD? I’m not sure I’m curious enough to actually find out. (I gave in, it did come out on DVD and is only like 7 bucks on Amazon. You may as well buy it on Amazon instant video for the same price though, because the DVD’s special features are a couple of movie trailers. If you absolutely must watch this movie, you should check your local library first)

Other Sandra Bullock movies that came out that year? The Proposal and The Blind Side. I haven’t seen the Blind Side, but the Proposal is much better. The Blind Side is probably better too, because of that Oscar thing. Kind of similar to how Natalie Portman starred in No Strings Attached and Black Swan within a few months. However, she was also in Hesher and Thor within a few months of that. Portman wins.

Anyway, the plot is ridiculous every step of the way, but it’s a good bit of fun to have playing in the background while you do more important things. Check out the HDTGM episode linked at the start of this article, and you will enjoy it even more.

Thanks for reading!

Alcatraz – Season 1 Episode 1 ‘Pilot’

I’m breaking up premiere night into two posts, one for each episode (it’s not a full on two parter like Lost and Fringe were) so look out for Episode 2 later tonight or tomorrow.

I’ve been looking forward to this show ever since I heard some of the first rumors that basically consisted of the words “Alcatraz” “JJ Abrams” “Jorge Garcia” and “Sam Neill”. That’s enough to get me excited, and so far it’s delivering!

More after the break, spoilers ahead (how spoiled can you get on the Pilot of a show anyway?)

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