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Fringe – Season 4 Episode 8 ‘Back to Where You’ve Never Been’

Welcome to my first Fringe episode review here on my site. Here’s how these are going to work: no summaries of the plot, you can go watch the episode for that or look at one of those wiki things. I’ll just get straight to the parts i thought were awesome, what parts were confusing, what was really funny etc. That being said, spoilers ahead, here we go…

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I love Fringe, it’s a fantastic show and everyone should watch it.

I waited until this morning to watch episodes 6 and 7 of the current season, I feel like a terrible fan. But I am going to make it a point to watch every new episode within 6 hours of airing (sometimes there’s an event at work so I can’t watch it as it airs) so that I can post my thoughts about each episode right here!

Also, if you’re not a Nielsen’s household, I urge you to do one of the following:

Free: Watch past episodes on Fringe as much as possible on hulu.com/fringe and fox.com/fringe even if it’s just on in the background while you’re doing other stuff.

Not Free: Get a season pass on itunes or amazon. (I prefer amazon because it only charges you as each episode becomes available, as opposed to paying for the whole season all at once)

Of course, also buy up those past seasons!

Alright that’s all for now, see you tomorrow with more Fringe talk!