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Daily Photo – August 9, 2012

Quarter finals!

Very short rehearsal day due to some last minute changes at the rehearsal facility. Early runthrough followed by a laid back afternoon back at the hotel. I think the hornline and guard worked on some choreography and the drums did some playing outside. All I know for sure is that I was able to get a short nap in a real bed and it was fantastic!

There ended up being quite a big storm during the show, luckily all of the corps had a chance to find warm up zones in the convention center. We actually ended up doing visual warm up right outside of the convention center under a big overhang. The lighting was too cool so I had to do some slow shutter speed shots.

Well this is a normal shutter shot, but you can see how nice those lights on the wet streets look. Beautiful!

The show itself was fantastic of course, and I think the front ensemble (pit) was happy with their performance…

Turns out they won the percussion caption tonight! A nice bonus on top of winning overall :-D

That’s all for now, thanks for having a look!

Daily Photo – August 3, 2012

It was tough choosing one photo for today because I posted about 500 over on facebook. This is John conducting Space. It was particularly awesome tonight. I might be a bit more deaf now.

The show itself was pretty great, I really enjoyed it! I also got to see Kirbie for a couple minutes, so I enjoyed that too! Overall a good day.

That’s about it for today, thanks for having a look!