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Daily Photo – August 22, 2012 – Snare Devil

Behold the first snare drummer devil I’ve made. The little dowel beneath the snare is there because I forgot that adding a big drum would make the toy fall forward. I made the sticks by sanding down an 1/8″ dowel. Overall I’m pretty pleased with the results! For any snares or other drums in the future I’ll probably make them separate on stands instead of being attached to the devil body.

In other news, I got my hair cut today and it was a pretty great experience. I’ve gone to Sportclips for the last few years but I decided to try Knockouts instead. It’s the same basic premise as Sportclips, but way, way better. I have to admit that I normally dread haircuts because of the chit chat aspect. At Sportclips I would inevitably be asked about some kind of sports… I was half expecting that to happen here, but the gal who cut my hair, Jessica, only asked me one sports question and that was only because I said I work at a golf course. From there the conversation migrated to television and then writing and before long my hair was finished being cut.

This might be the first time I have ever enjoyed getting a haircut. I might have enjoyed it even more if I had taken advantage of the complimentary drink that apparently comes with every haircut. I declined when asked if I wanted something to drink before I realized it was free. Next time. And there will definitely be many next times.

In summation, drums make you tip forward, and Knockouts is an awesome place to get your hair cut. Thanks for having a look, see ya tomorrow!

Daily Photo – July 25, 2012

I only had a couple minutes to take photos today, this is from a sequence I shot of Michael doing his thing in this section of the show. I left out this frame from the GIF though, because it was too jarring (another shutter malfunction)

The day was pretty (very) busy, too much to even talk about. The corps won the show in Hattiesburg tonight with a 91.8 and now we’re off to Murfreesboro for some rehearsal and a TOC show.

Thanks for having a look, see you tomorrow!

Daily Photo – July 20, 2012

More shutter glitching…

And another hot Texas day, but at least I had access to plenty of ice. The corps put on a great show tonight, I watched most of it from the end zone with Kirbie before making my way to the sideline to try and get some pit photos. I succeeded to some degree.

I went back to the souvie trailer during scores, and predicted our score exactly. It was awesome although I realize there is no way for me to prove it happened. Kirbie witnessed it, so if you trust her you can ask to confirm.

That’s all for today. Thanks for having a look, see you tomorrow!

Daily Photo – July 17, 2012

I didn’t take any photos during rehearsal tonight because I was exhausted. However, after snack all of the I&E folks got to practicing their solos. Monica found a spot under a street lamp in the middle of the parking lot, so I thought it would be funny if that was the only picture I submitted for mediabox today.

After taking a few pictures of her playing through her solo I decided to find the other soloists around the school. I only found a couple… one was Michael.

I happened to be in the perfect position to capture this part of his solo, but it was out of focus. When he finished I asked him to play this part again, and voila! I am willing to bet a dollar that this ends up being his profile picture in the next few days.

That’s it for now, a ton more interesting things happened today but I’m exhausted and have a picture to draw before bed. Thanks for having a look, see ya tomorrow!