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Daily Photo – June 23, 2012

More progress on the toys, I’m hoping to finish the bodies of the jacketless devils tonight so they can have their capes glued on tomorrow morning. I forgot that I need to paint the faces on the heads that will go on this batch, so I will try to get that done tonight as well!

I feel like the purple sections could be more even, but I don’t really know the exact mix of blue and purple I used. That could potentially make mismatched spots that look just as uneven. I’ll just claim it adds character!

Health update… at the moment I’m feeling alright. This morning the hives came back in a big way, and my top lip was pretty swollen. Crossing my fingers for nothing weird like that to happen again tomorrow so that I can be as healthy as possibly when I fly out to California on Monday!

Fridge – ‘Inflated’ Behind the Scenes

I finally got around to it, my comic strip Fridge is finally back! Go read it here.

The very first couple of strips I made were done with ink/marker on paper, and then I switched to paint on canvas. Both had a few steps (scanning, photographing, waiting to dry) that made the process fairly time consuming, which is a big part of what has kept me from getting back to it after this past summer. I think I have made the right decision in switching to digital paint in Artrage, I was able to make this week’s strip in a fraction of the time it took previously, but with twice as much ‘content.’

Anyway, I think I’ve finally figured out the process for the strip and can start churning them out consistently! Who knows, maybe even more than just once a week…