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Marching Lessons – Mail Bag Announcement


Between seasons one and two I want to start the Marching Lessons Mail Bag!

Submit your questions in the following ways…
post on http://facebook.com/marchinglessons
ask at http://marchinglessons.tumblr.com/ask
snail mail: erik j skinner PO Box 3711, Parker, CO 80134

Also submit your suggestions for what you think the Marching Lessons Narrator’s name should be!

60 Minutes or Less

For some reason, I haveĀ little desire to take on anything that will take me more than 60 minutes to finish. Sure, I’ve completed many tasks that take hours, days, weeks, but the key is for it to be easily broken up into 60 minute chunks.

When I make an episode of Marching Lessons, I spend about an hour writing and recording the episode, an hour drawing everything, and another hour editing/exporting/uploading. This keeps me interested and I’m able to get it done. If I wrote the episodes to be any longer or had more complicated animations and illustrations, I would have to figure out a way to break it down further to trick my brain into focusing.

This is why I have a hard time watching movies without falling asleep, yet can watch an entire tv series over the span of a week.

Sometimes there comes an important job I need to get done that might take more than an hour, but has no way of being broken down into varied components. It’s most likely a repetitive task of some kind, so that’s where another part of my brain kicks in. The efficiency game player.

What’s the most efficient way I can do this? Can I make this task into some kind of game? It’s a little bit like on that episode of the Simpsons when Principal Skinner (no relation) gets trapped under a pile of newspapers in his garage and makes a game out of seeing how many times he can dribble a basketball in an hour, then tries to beat that record.

Maybe all of this is due to too many video games.

I’m nearing an hour spent writing, so that about does it for now.