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Fringe – Season 4 episode 14 “The End of All Things”

Again with the tweeting! Spoilers ahead.

Lincoln’s so jealous, ohhhh
I have a feeling that the imprisoned Nina is maybe the bluff?
Either way, locking them together is part of Jones’ manipulation
Observer gang fight, make it happen!
okay, my brain is hurting thinking about how many layers of lies are going on in this interrogation
I think imprisoned Nina is the shapeshifter. Has to be…
“What was underneath bleeds through”
These writers do a damn fine job of making everything relevant to the current situation.
Or… yeah, I don’t know why Nina is real. It makes sense either way.
Haha, I get @MollyFaraday’s comment earlier now :-) #bladdercontrol
I want Jared Harris to be in every project I have once I make it, and all that.
September! Dancing in September! Never was a cloudy day!
“Help me remember” sorry can’t do that, I’m a robot.
maybe… ah I still don’t know! Is this Nina the real one or not?
“Yeah…. I don’t remember that.”
Who’s this guy? [the 60’s british drama looking fellow]
Ah, she’s the fake one!
This is gonna be intense, entering an observer’s mind…
Hold on to your hat, Peter!
Oh, a science team.
Oh yeah I forgot about that whole Peter having a son thing
HE’S A JEDI! [september vanishes]
Lincoln is still so jealous.
“Maybe he just means my house?” A house is not a home.
When there’s no one there to hold you tight.
Hey, it worked, he found her!
Light bulbs, great. Now explode Jones’ brain! Quick!
Get it, Peter! [in reference to taking down the henchman]
Okay, that ending wasn’t as crazy as it seemed like from all the responses and responses to the responses
Loved the episode still, don’t take that last tweet as a bad thing!

Overall a great episode! We learned a lot about where the story is going… I can’t say I was as shocked or bewildered as I thought I would be. Most of my confusion was about which Nina was the fake one, and I should have just gone with my first instinct. I feel bad for Olivia at the end, but hey, Peter has a point. He made that mistake before with a wrong Olivia that started to have feelings for him too. Anyway, this is going to be a long month waiting, but at least we have the excellent Alcatraz and Justified in the meantime!

Fringe – Season 4 Episode 13 ‘A Better Human Being’

Another fine episode! I “live” tweeted again, feel free to follow me @jkire

Spoilers ahead and…

Fringe tweets begin now!

Is this going to be a Dave style episode?(you know, the Lost episode)

OH now I remember the promo, another precognition type of episode, hmm….

For a few years I’ve been wondering if some mental illnesses could be some kind of consciousness thing like this

haha, Walter befriending the insane…

she’s having flashbacks of previous season on DVD, how else would she see it from a third person perspective? ;-P

This kid has the gift of Remote Viewing but can’t control it

Have I mentioned I love how Fringe is about all this crazy cool stuff?

They’re all dead, and they’re in the afterlife! The machine activating killed them all!

“No, NO! You’re wrong! Stop it!” -Peter

She’s just sitting there like a little kid getting a haircut… Then he asks for strands of her hair, that was kind of weird [because I said it was like she was getting a haircut]

“No, NO! You’re wrong! Stop it!” -Walter. paraphrasing of course.

ahh, sperm donor crime gang

the perfect brew! and a House style realization?

The awkward moment grunt. [when Peter and Olivia were holding hands]

Ah, that elderly gentleman is the queen bee. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Attempting some Hereos type stuff. Season 3. Or season 2. I don’t remember, it changed every other episode. [improving humans experiments]

Nina is Massively Busted!

“I am the only one with access”= “I did it” duh guys!

This should have been #BEEabetterman ;-P

The central connection has been severed, the worker bees will all die off without guidance

the title of the episode, A Better Human BEEing. Of course.

Alright, enough making out, get back to the thought provoking stuff [careful what you ask for]

Oh, this Nina doesn’t have a robot hand, does she?



[and finally] by the way, has anyone made a “Bad Lobot” logo, you know, from Star Wars? Someone should. maybe I will…

That ending has my gears going, at first I was really confused like, how did they both get their so fast? Maybe we skipped a couple hours (we must have either way) but there wasn’t any reason for Nina to be there but… OH, that’s a different Nina. The question is, is the Nina with Walter and Lincoln a shapeshifter, or the Nina from the other side? For some reason I remember there only being one Nina in the original two universes, so that might be where my initial confusion comes from. Was it the evil Nina’s (what I’ll call her for now) intention to make Olivia go alt universe crazy, or what was she thinking the fresh Cortexiphan injections would do that would benefit her?

Alright that’s all I have for now, another fine episode and like I said, it need to be next friday!

Fringe – Season 4 Episode 12 ‘Welcome to Westfield’

I ended up live tweeting this one, so for this review I’m just going to put them all together without all the hashtag junk.

yeahhhh not used to that whole bedroom thing on this show…

I wouldn’t hot cinnamon roll every morning. reminds me of Gail’s perfect coffee setup on Breaking Bad

“How I ended up here in Oz…” he says, surrounded by australians.

Desmond forgot to press the button!

How’s this guy stay in business? Giving free pie to his only customer. Oh I see what’s going on here. I have a feeling the lesson of this episode is never visit Vermont.

They’re in a snowglobe. Or Silent Hill? note, there needs to be a Fringe video game, silent hill style.

She’s remembering! Desmond must have had something to do with this after all ;-P

Time consciousness displacement, sounds like a symptom of time skippin on the island! Duplicating body parts, not quite as lost-like…

“She gave me a place to call home.” Aw.

“Ahhhh freakin out here.” (what olive’s thinking) Yeah I just called her olive, deal with it.

Jones: “Phase 2, GO!” Henchman: “Hey, perfect timing, it synced up with their conversation.” Jones: “It’s what I do.”

Yeah, Peter wielding a shotgun! (see previous post about Person of Interest)

Why’d the face fuse upside down, was the doppelganger doing a flip?

Lots of sound effects etc. reminiscent of Lost tonight

Great episode, can’t wait for the next one!

Fringe – Season 4 Episode 11 ‘Making Angels’

“Really? You get her name right.”

Spoilers ahead…

It bothers me that they keep translating Deus Ex Machina as “hand of God” when it means “God from the Machine.” I guess it’s close enough and the term still applies, but yeah.

That aside, I really enjoyed Walter’s interactions with Fauxlivia and other Astrid, especially Astrid who can’t help but speak her mind. Everyone is being so bitchy towards each other in the first half, hilarious.

I’m not sure if I’ll be excited or frustrated if next week has to do with time travel/precognition too. I’ll probably be excited. Either way, I really enjoyed this week’s spin on it. Not quite as interesting as the drawings, but still pretty cool. I wonder why it was such a big deal for that guy being a mathematician and everything when he was just using September’s device? Or maybe it was because he could use the device that he was able to understand all the equations that were going over everyone else’s heads.

The focus on Astrid and Astrid is what made this episode great, those were a couple of excellent scenes. I also liked that Walter and Fauxlivia ended up bonding over candy, he’s becoming more and more like original Walter each week.

Gotta love a Shiitake Happens apron on network television!

Can’t wait for next week’s episode, thanks for reading!



Fridge – ‘Inflated’ Behind the Scenes

I finally got around to it, my comic strip Fridge is finally back! Go read it here.

The very first couple of strips I made were done with ink/marker on paper, and then I switched to paint on canvas. Both had a few steps (scanning, photographing, waiting to dry) that made the process fairly time consuming, which is a big part of what has kept me from getting back to it after this past summer. I think I have made the right decision in switching to digital paint in Artrage, I was able to make this week’s strip in a fraction of the time it took previously, but with twice as much ‘content.’

Anyway, I think I’ve finally figured out the process for the strip and can start churning them out consistently! Who knows, maybe even more than just once a week…