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Daily Photo – August 17, 2012

I told you these posts were going to get boring. A great day to end any day, some Renegade Ops on PS3 and the latest episode of Louie! Actually, this is the second latest episode because the latest episode had a different title screen than usual.

Anyway… Not a lot happened today. Worked overnight last night so most of the day has been spent catching up on sleep and uploading videos. Here’s one of those videos:


Thanks for having a look, see you tomorrow!

Daily Photo – August 16, 2012

This is the best way I could figure out how to sync the gopro footage with the dslr footage I shot of the victory run on Saturday night. I simply matched up the few frames of Jeff’s ring toss move since it’s one of the few things that is visible in both videos.

I don’t know if I’ll post the actual end result of this work for public consumption… but stay tuned in case I do. If nothing else it was a great exercise in syncing video from sources that weren’t necessarily meant to be synced.

In the meantime, check out this short clip from the victory run…


And a live report from finals retreat…


Thanks for having a look, see you tomorrow!

Daily Photo – August 15, 2012

I saw Brian Regan perform at Comedy Works tonight. I really wanted to meet him but the crowd for the next show was crowding up the place, so I don’t think he came out to meet folks. Disappointing, but here’s a picture of how happy his hilarity made me anyway! He did all new material (new since I last saw him anyway) and I especially liked his bits about Curiosity, inventions, and dancing. I hope he follows the recent trend of producing his own special and releasing it online, I will buy it twice or more!

I spent most of the rest of the day sleeping, playing video games, and doing some video stuff. Pretty boring!

That’s all for now, I go back to work at the hotel tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.


Daily Photo – August 14, 2012

At the airport Kirbie and I realized we had a hell of a lot of stuff on tour. This is the first time I’ve flown home from tour since 2006 so I never really considered how much of a pain hauling around all this stuff through security etc. is. We got some more Falling Skies under our belts at the airport and on the flight.

I’m mostly happy to be home, but I’m sad I won’t see Kirbie for a while… and I guess I’ll miss the rest of the corps a bit too :-P.

That’s all for today, thanks for having a look! I apologize for how boring these daily photos are going to be until Labor Day weekend.

Daily Photo – August 12, 2012

The Blue Devils perform during half time for the Colts vs. Rams game!

A very strange but awesome day. We were all pretty much stuck in a big room all day until show time, and then went right into equipment/uniform checkin mode immediately after finishing.

I couldn’t really tell if the crowd was into it, the whole thing happened so fast and I was focused on helping get the pit off the field in a hurry.

We also got brunch catered by the Colts. Mmm food!

The Colts have been a pretty awesome organization from my experiences so far… I apologize for my total lack of interest in football, otherwise I would totally be a Colts fan now.

After the trucks were all loaded up Kirbie and I went downtown when suddenly…

And then…

Overall a cool way to end the season! Now we just hang out in the hotel until Tuesday when we fly home…

Thanks for having a look!