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September 2, 2012 – Guatemala Clinic and Antigua

Luckily this morning’s clinic was held at the hotel. The local students who came seemed to enjoy themselves, as did the corps members interacting with them. It seemed like most of the students were from Patria, but there were quite a few from other groups as well.

It helped that several members are fluent in Spanish, as they could communicate directly with the students and teach the other members important phrases as well.

The pit met up with some of the pit from Patria and talked for quite a while, everyone was very excited to spend time talking about performing and music.

Honestly, I was pretty tired by the time lunch rolled around since I went up and down the gigantic hill a few times going between the guard, brass and battery. I helped pack up our equipment and spent some time trying to play with Volt before we headed out to Antigua for an evening of tourism!

We were dropped off at the Jade Museum where a few of us stayed for a presentation about jade (the mineral) and the Mayans. Monica was excited about the jade marimba and had to try playing it. I found out that my birth animal or whatever is the K’at which is Mayan for Spider. No thank you!

The rest of the night was filled with walking, fending off street vendors, buying coffee and chocolate, and eating nachos.

Oh, and Egg McFucking Muffins. I ended up in a group of 20 people and we all made it back to the buses safely. Great success.

Overall it was a fantastic day, but unfortunately those of us on the earlier flights have to be on the bus at 3:45am…

To be continued!

September 1, 2012 – Guatemala Rehearsal and Show

If I remember correctly, breakfast was at 6am with departure for the stadium at 7am. So. Tired. All. Day.

But it went reasonably well. The show was assembled in on rehearsal block and we headed back to the hotel for a few hours to rest and get ready for the show. Also, we found a new furry friend.

Eventually we named her Voltaire, or Volt for short.

Spencer pointed out that I had a huge rip in my shorts. Luckily Brandon in the guard had a sewing kit that he let me borrow, I spent most of our down time sewing my shorts. That’s what I get for only having one pair of shorts with me for the trip.

We headed back to the show, ready to rock.

Unfortunately things were running late, so instead of performing at 7 the corps performed at 9 or so. That was alright though, because we got to watch a few of the other groups perform. I was especially impressed with Patria Drum and Bugle Corps from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Their show was a love story with a wedding, jealousy, and violence. It was awesome!

Finally the Blue Devils took the field and put on a great show. All of the soloists were phenomenal, and the ensemble stuff was great too.

I felt awkward being the only non-corps member anywhere even close to the “stage” so I kind of hid behind a nearby speaker tower. Unfortunately that meant I couldn’t get as many close shots as I would have like.

Afterwards there were fireworks.

What seemed like days later we got back to the hotel where I spotted bigfoot.

Why are photos of bigfoot never in focus?!

The day came to a close with the hope of a bit more sleep in preparation for the System Blue clinic in the morning.

To be continued!

August 31, 2012 – Travel to Guatemala

2 hours of sleep, flight to Dallas, several hours of hanging out, met up with the rest of the Dallas crew, 3 hour flight to Guatemala City, redirected from customs into a room in the airport where these authentic marimbas were set up with several percussionists playing. I can’t really describe how they sound, before I saw what was making the music I thought it was electronic. They have this wirey sound to them.

They decked out our buses for us which was pretty cool.

Eventually the rest of the Guatemala cast and staff arrived. We loaded up the trucks and buses, then were taken to one of Casa Instrumental’s stores for a welcome reception.

Inside was a dj playing all kinds of American music, and tables set up for us to eat the hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and pastries they provided. At his point we were all exhausted, so it was great to finally go to the hotel, find our rooms, and get some sleep.

Key word: “some”

To be continued…

Daily Photo – August 26, 2012 – Footage Review

Today I’ve been going through the 200 or so video clips of stuff I shot for this year’s pit documentary. I decided the structure would be nonsense, but I’m not sure quite how far I’m going to take that idea…  So I’m just laying out the clips I want to use in some way for now.

There were a few non-pit bits that I shot as well:



That’s all for now, thanks for having a look!