Fish Inception

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There’s an octopus (the mimic octopus) that mimics fish, and now there’s a fish (the jawfish) that has started to mimic that octopus mid-mimic. It’s only a matter of time before the mimic octopus mimics the mimicking jawfish, at which point a worm hole will open at the sea floor and suck half of the pacific ocean into another dimension.

The 2012 apocalypse nears.

image provided by a very talented boston terrier
Hawaii let out a collective "FUUU---"

What If? – Moon Landing

I get bored at work when all I can do is browse the internet on my work computer’s browser, and I have found the most entertaining websites have to do with the moon landing, aliens, pirate pilgrims, and other conspiracies. The wild theories themselves are entertaining, but they also get my imagination going with story ideas.

One of these story ideas has to do with the moon landing. Or landings. All of that Apollo stuff.

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