Movies I Saw in 2013

Thanks to the new Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton I saw more movies in the theater this year than probably ever before (49!). My goal was 6 (and I actually did only see six from my want to see list made last January). So I’ll just get right into it. These are somewhat chronological, but not really.

The Last Stand – Lots of fun. Saw with my Mom.

Parker – Pretty good. It’s Statham so I’ll watch it again. In fact, I watched it last night!

Identity Thief – Pretty fun. Saw with my Mom.

Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons – Great!

Olympus Has Fallen – Last movie I saw in the theaters with my mom. Loved it.

The Heat – Very funny, though not the best comedy I saw this year.

Star Trek Into Darkness – Very fun.

RIPD – I liked this movie a lot more than you’d probably expect. Parts of it were kind of weird though, and it definitely feels a lot like Men In Black afterlife edition.

The Conjuring – Scariest movie I’ve seen. Hope they make many more films featuring the Warrens. Saw with Kirbie.

The Wolverine – My favorite X-Men film so far, great action.

2 Guns – It’s a heist movie, of course I loved it.

Elysium – It’s a space heist movie, loved it!

Insidious: Chapter 2 – I saw this along with the first installment in a marathon. I was surprised by how much I liked both of them. Really cool ideas explored.

Rush – Amazing film. Best of 2013? Almost.

Prisoners – Very good but kind of slow at times.

Don Jon – Pretty interesting and funny at times. Saw at an early screening.

You’re Next – Excellent horror film, very funny. Saw at an early screening.

We Are What We Are – Disturbing.

Runner Runner – Fairly fun, worth a rental.

Carrie – I have yet to see the original, but I enjoyed it. Saw with Ryder.

Escape Plan – Really fun, in my top two Schwarzenegger films I saw this year. Saw with Anna.

Ender’s Game – Pretty good, I then read the books afterwards, I like them both as their own thing. Saw with Steve.

Gravity – Absolutely fantastic, my favorite movie of the year. It’s the only movie I saw in theaters multiple times. I may have seen it three times… One of those times was with Steve.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa – Very, very funny. I thought they did a great job of tying the stunts together into an overall narrative. Saw with Ryder.

Thor: The Dark World – So much fun, very well done action sequences. Best Marvel film yet.

This is the End – Incredibly funny. Saw with Steve.

Delivery Man – Surprisingly good, fairly different Vaughn’s recent comedies. Saw with Anna.

Homefront – A great Statham movie with some Franco craziness thrown in. Disappointed by the lack of romantic interest payoff though. Wonder if they had shot more of that but cut it out to not detract from all the ending stuff.

The Wolf of Wall Street – Very good, great story, funny… but extremely long.

Confession of Murder – I really enjoyed this film, will see it again when it’s officially released.

The Act of Killing – This film is intense. Definitely worth seeing.

Why Don’t You Play In Hell? – I think this was good, but there were no subtitles when I saw it. Will watch it again someday so I can get the specifics of the story. Over the top action and violence.

Bad Milo – Really funny and gross.

Big Bad Wolves – I kind of fell asleep during this one so… I don’t know what to say!

Ghost Team One – Pretty funny take on the “found footage horror” genre.

On Air – Really interesting with many twists I didn’t see coming.

Plus One – I really enjoyed this, there’s some cool sci-fi stuff going on that’s pulled off pretty well.

The Seasoning House – This movie just made me feel awful for the first half, and then the second half somewhat paid off.


Now for some special screenings of movies from past years…

Akira – Had never seen it before, now I understand all the hype. Very good. Saw with my cousin Brent.

Dawn of the Dead – Very good.

They Live – Very good.

The Exorcist – It was okay.

Terminator 2 – Great, of course. Saw with Steve, Phil and Nicole.

Lethal Weapon – Benson Movie Interruption! Tons of fun. Saw with Anna.

College – Great Buster Keaton film with a soundtrack performed live. Saw with Irene and family.

Hellraiser – Pretty good.

Nosferatu – This was a midnight screening and I slept through most of it. The live soundtrack was pretty cool though.

Inception – This movie is always great. Saw this on a gigantic screen with Kirbie.

Robinson Crusoe on Mars – Very entertaining. Saw with Irene and Ed.

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