Alcatraz – Season 1 Episode 3 ‘Kit Nelson’

It just occurred to me that Dr. Soto is a version of Richard Castle, since he’s turning their cases into stories for his comic books.

Spoilers ahead!

I like how Doc was peeking through the missing kid’s stack of comic books, probably to see if he was a fan of his Alzatraz comics.

“If he had tried my cherry pie, he wouldn’t look so damn unhappy.”

Doc’s attempts to stall Kit and Dylan just made me laugh. “What are you guys up to?”

Again, where are they getting all these resources for committing their crimes?

I went “Hey Walnut Creek!” because I lived there for all days in 2005.

The scene in the solitary cell was intense, if only for the fact that’s freaky as hell for someone to come out of the dark like that. But to be stuck in a cell with an evil kid murderer? That’s even worse.

This episode firmly establishes the pattern of great weekly stories. Aside from what you need to know to understand the premise, I think anyone could watch just this episode and have a great time with little confusion.

Dylan’s escape was impressive, that was some John Reese action there.

“Arrested development…” was a great show! Oh. He’s not talking about that. I had a feeling Doc had something bad happen to him as a kid.

Aw, he got him the issues he was missing. I’m wondering if we’ll ever see the back story for our main characters? We probably won’t for a while, but it will be interesting to see stuff like Madsen with her father, and Doc’s kidnapping.

I was half expecting Hauser to ask the surgeon/mortician to question Nelson’s dead body. I’m not really sure what that scene meant. Oh, and it’s solid justice that the child killer is the first returnee to die instead of just being locked back up. Well deserved.

Alright that’s about it, still loving this show and I can’t wait for next monday! Thanks for reading.

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