September 3, 2012 – Travel Home from Guatemala

This photo probably sums up how we all felt the entire day today. Up at 3am to be on the bus at 3:45, check in for our flights that didn’t depart until about 8:30…

Somehow Kevin and I, the only staff members on our flight, ended up with the center seats in the back row. Sure we could have made someone switch with us, but we’re nice guys like that.

Special thanks to Monica for sewing up my shorts’ second rip before our flight. I’ll post a video about all that later…

After landing in Dallas I had another few hours until my flight to Denver. We arrived in Terminal D and my next flight was in Terminal E. For those not familiar with DFW, those are almost as far apart as you can get, especially if you end up outside of security. (Okay, it would be further from B to E…)

You have to take a bus between the terminals if you’re outside of security, and Spirit’s check-in gates are only at Terminal E. If I could get inside security I would be able to use the Skylink train system. I remembered from Friday that there were self check-in computers that asked you what airline you were flying on the home screen. As luck would have it, Spirit was one of the partners for this universal check in deal. Brilliant.

I went through security and the guy asked “You’re flying Spirit?” as if to say “Do you have any idea where you are?” I responded, “Yeah, I figured it would be easier to take the Skylink instead.” His opinion seemed to change to “This guy knows his stuff!” and gave me a nod.

I ended up walking around Terminal D for a while since its restaurants and stores are much nicer than Terminal E. I decided to try the pedestrian walkway across to Terminal C but it turns out you can’t walk from C to E so I had to take Skylink anyway.

This post is getting pretty long without any pictures to spice it up, so I’ll just say I made it to Denver safely, thank you to Erin for picking me up, and thank you to Kirbie for the birthday present I picked up from the post office on the way home! (Falling Skies season 1 on Blu-ray!)

It was a truly memorable weekend and I am extremely thankful and honored to have such an awesome job with the Blue Devils!

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