Gatorade for Drum Corps

The following are a few guidelines based on five summers of experience on tour with the Blue Devils.

  • Some flavors taste better watered down than others. (read more)
  • Ice -> Powder -> Water -> Stir. Any other order and you’re asking for trouble. (read more)
  • Only use whole packets. Dealing with open partially used powder packets is just asking for trouble. (read more)
  • Flavors are like primary colors. Don’t be afraid to mix. If it looks ugly it probably tastes great. Don’t bother mixing red (fruit punch) with anything. It will just look and taste like red. No matter what.
  • Always fully mix. Sludge at the bottom means wasted powder and inconsistent flavor. It might taste extra sweet to start, but it will soon lose it’s bonus sludge potency as the sludge settles and resists outflow currents.

Keep these guidelines in mind and you’re well on your way to making great gatorade for drum corps!

You may be wondering, where can I get enough Gatorade for a drum corps? Try Grainger or Uline!


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