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Daily Photo – August 23, 2012 – Amazon

I was delighted to discover that my recent purchases of Transporter, Transporter 2 and THX 1138 (no cover image for some reason) on Blu-Ray from Amazon came with free digital rentals! I wonder if they do this for all movies in their instant video library. Also, I think it’s awesome that Jason Statham is jumping in the same way on the cover of all three movies.

Remember those hives I was getting all summer? Still getting them. What the hell? It’s been nearly 11 weeks now, so I guess technically we haven’t passed the projected time frame of infection for this stupid virus… But seriously, enough is enough as Lance Armstrong said in his official statement today…

I read a bit about all of that business, mostly just one article and the official statement… from that small amount of information, and the fact that his last Tour de France win was 7 years ago, It all seems like a massive waste of time and energy to be going after him whether it’s true or not. This is probably the most I’ll look into this whole thing, but it goes to show how painfully scrutinized highly successful people (and organizations) will be. In my opinion, this guy has done some very impressive things. Either he won the Tour de France 7 times without drugs, or he pulled off a Gattaca-like scheme to pass drug tests at every turn while winning the Tour de France 7 times. And aside from that there’s the whole Lance Armstrong Foundation thing. Well done, Lance.

Enough about that, thanks for having a look, see ya tomorrow!


Daily Photo – August 20, 2012 – Super Dance Party, Alright!

Alright, I’m cheating for today’s “photo” with a screenshot, but hey, I will make up for it with some audio:

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

This is just a preview of what was originally just going to be a couple tracks, but I realized I have enough to maybe make a whole album. Huge thanks to Gabe who is producing everything from my measly little midi files that I made 8 or 9 years ago. You can have a listen to his work on Soundcloud or buy his music over at iTunes!

That’s all for now, if you enjoy this tune or Gabe’s work please subject your friends’ ears to it!

Music Bed

A music bed can sometimes improve a video or audio production. I thought I would try it for today’s video.


But the music I chose to talk about wasn’t released under a creative commons license that would allow me to use it in a video. So, check out the track I had in mind here: Free Music Archive: Northbound – Forward:

I haven’t given up though, there’s more music bed experimentation to come!

Piano Boredom

There’s no one staying at the hotel tonight, so I was able to take a few minutes to mess around on the piano in the lounge without having to worry about complaints. I thought I would record it in case anything cool happened that I could use for whatever later on.

Out of about 20 minutes, this is the only thing I came up with that’s reasonably interesting, and I’m pretty sure I just stole it from something.

(note: I took a ten week beginner’s piano class back in 2003, and I spent most of the time messing with the sine wave patch on my keyboard. do not expect anything good from the clip below.)

[soundcloud url=”″]