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Tetris – Game Boy – A-Type – 185277

After watching Ecstasy of Order I’ve had the urge to play Tetris. I picked up a used Game Boy Advance and a copy of Tetris the other day and I think I can get pretty good at this game. Right now… just sort of good. Maybe. Enjoy some incredibly sloppy playing in the video below:



Expect more video as I (hopefully) improve!

Daily Photo – August 17, 2012

I told you these posts were going to get boring. A great day to end any day, some Renegade Ops on PS3 and the latest episode of Louie! Actually, this is the second latest episode because the latest episode had a different title screen than usual.

Anyway… Not a lot happened today. Worked overnight last night so most of the day has been spent catching up on sleep and uploading videos. Here’s one of those videos:


Thanks for having a look, see you tomorrow!